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After moving to Lincolnshire in the 80's John became a driving instructor. It was a natural progression from cars to Lorries. With a close friend they decided to buy a Lorry and try their hand a Lorry instruction. Life wasn't easy. Juggling lorry training and car. Weeks went buy with them not knowing if it was going to be a success. After a year or 2 the duet went their sperate ways but John wasn't ready to give up his dream of becoming a lorry instructor.


All or nothing

John decided to throw himself into the Lorry training business. After 5 years, through word of mouth, he was starting to get more and more business. Finally it became a weekly income and therefore he decided to give up the cars and dive into the Lorry training. He searched for someone like minded in order to grow the business and train more people. It wasn't easy though. The closest test centre was Peterborough and therefore trainee's had to driver there and back everyday. For John, this just wasn't good enough.


Setting up a test centre

After many years and adding more instructors to his team, John took the leap to set up his own test centre. A customer site test centre. Which means, the DSA examiners would come to us to examine our trainees. This was a huge challenge for John, so used to being a 1 man band. He worked tirelessly to develop his dream. This meant changing location, providing a shelter and office for the examiners a long with his staff. After years of trying his dream finally came to fruition. But it didn't stop there.


Our own training centre

Until this time, John had rented land to store his lorries, and to train his drivers. This was about to come to an end. In 2016 John took the plunge to buy and develop his own site. This is the site you see today. After being in the industry for 16 years he knew exactly what the trainees needed in order to safely practice and learn to drive a lorry. He hosts 2 reversing areas, customer parking, customer waiting areas, along with the offices for the DVSA examiners. It was during this time that John's daughter, Leanne, took over as office manager in the business, freeing up John to develop the site.


The future

December 2020 was the year we built an official office building. Up until now we had been using a portakabin. The building is being erected as this is written. It is an exciting time for Boston LGV Training. From such humble beginnings, 1 man and his dreams have created a successful driving school, which is clear to see. We aim to expand our business, branching out into different but similar training practices.